Santa Barbarans are no strangers to farms and gardens. With many growing at least some food for themselves and seven Farmer’s Markets per week to choose from, local veggies are very en vogue. So what could possibly be different about the thousands of years old practice of growing our food? Montecito Urban Farms in Summerland seems like a fairly benign name but what they’re doing is anything but ordinary.


They are a commercial food farmer using 150 Tower Gardens to produce food in a fraction of the time. Sounds space age? Plants are grown in a vertical tower with their roots in the air, intermittently being flushed with a nutrient rich solution. Places like Sojourner Café, Bouchon and Café Luna are on board and have incorporated these leafy wonders into their regular menus. If you’re short on space yourself you can get your own Tower Garden and transport yourself into the new age of farming.

Tower of Power via LOVEmikana