Montecito Urban Farms’ Alex Thomson with flats of seedlings before they are put into the towers. Towers are in the background.

Montecito Urban Farms

High-Quality, Locally Grown Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs & Flowers

Take a bite out of a fresh green salad at some of the finest restaurants in Santa Barbara County, and you’ll likely be tasting produce grown in the aeroponic gardens of Montecito Urban Farms.

Located in Summerland, CA, Montecito Urban Farms is a commercial food grower utilizing a patented vertical food production system by Tower Garden® and Future Growing, LLC. Tower Gardens are 8-foot tall towers with built-in “chambers” where plant roots are suspended in air and intermittently soaked with a nutrient-rich, mineral based solution. The Tower Gardens are highly efficient, producing food in a fraction of the time that the same crops would require when grown in traditional soil. Most lettuces, herbs, and leafy greens can be produced in 3 to 5 weeks as a mature living plant with the roots intact.

Montecito Urban Farms has over 3.000 square-feet of space, featuring 150 Tower Gardens, an outdoor classroom and 160 square-foot area where seedlings are grown.

Montecito Urban Farms has partnered with local restaurants to custom-grow vegetables, fruits and herbs for their menus.  Chefs from each restaurant are able to choose what plants they want grown and Montecito Urban Farms takes care of the rest, growing and caring for the plants and delivering the final product at harvest time. (For more information on restaurant partnerships, please contact us.)

Intermezzo Bar & Cafe  Sojourner Cafe  Wine Cask Restaurant   Cafe Luna


Bouchon Chef GregIn addition to the commercial growing operation for local restaurants, Montecito Urban Farms provides a variety of products and services for residential home gardens. Smaller, home versions of the Tower Gardens are available for purchase as are half-day workshops to learn how to grow all your own fruits and vegetables in your own back yard using the Tower Garden and organic growing techniques.  Seedlings of 100% non-GMO plants are grown onsite and available for purchase.

Montecito Urban Farms is available to assist with planning and design of urban, commercial or rooftop farms.