Many people want to apply the term “organic” to various forms of hydroponic growing, including aeroponics. That’s not possible by definition, because aeroponic growing requires no soil, and soil is a prerequisite for organic growing. Asking this question is somewhat like asking how many home runs a basketball player has hit: it doesn’t apply, because it’s a totally different ballgame.

Currently accepted organic fertilizer components are dependent upon organisms in the soil to convert the “organic” materials into a useable form for plants. But the aeroponic Tower Garden growing system doesn’t use soil at all; instead, it delivers the minerals required for plant growth directly to the plant roots, completely eliminating the need for soil and soil organisms. The result is much higher growth rates and yields, and better crop quality than even organic methods can achieve. And because you control the growing, you control the use of herbicides and pesticides as well.

Also don’t forget that Tower Garden vertical aeroponic growing uses less than 10% of the land and water required for traditional agriculture, making it much more earth-friendly and sustainable than organic growing.